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Spirit Response Team

Meet the team!

   Not all of us come out to your house.  It depends on the size of your house and how many we think we will need to get the job done.  Most the time we have no more then 6 investigators.  Our mediums will be scheduled to go in either before or after the investigation but not with the investigation.

Founder: Margaret Ehrlich


Inspired Ghost Tracking (IGT) is a paranormal group established by Margaret Ehrlich, in Odenton, Maryland, in October 2008. IGT evolved out of a desire on Margaret’s part to start a paranormal group and her involvement with Inspired Energy Healers which met at Inspired Journeys in Odenton. The purpose of the group was to allow for avenues of investigation, learning and sharing with others in the field of paranormal activity. At its inaugural meeting there were only six members, but today the group has grown to over 100 members, with a core team of investigators.

Margaret had several experiences with the paranormal growing up and was very intrigued by these experiences. Living in a haunted home was an adventure for her. She saw a full body apparition, the attic door opened and closed on it's own, she felt like someone watching her at night while she tried to sleep, and her mothers door would not stay close, just to name a few.

Organizer Assistant/Sr. Evidence Analysis/ Lead Investigator
: Ronda Dixon


Ronda Dixon is the Lead Investigator and Sr Evidence Analysis for IGT. Ronda’s interest in the paranormal was sparked at a very early age. As a very small child (4 or 5 years old), Ronda saw a figure in the doorway of her parent’s bedroom. The figure filled the entire doorway; it was huge, dark, and had what looked like a blue energy outlining it. She recalls thinking that by closing her eyes very tight, the figure would go away. But, after a few minutes of doing this, the figure remained in the same spot when she opened her eyes. This sparked her curiosity in the who and what of what she had witnessed. Approximately 20 years ago, Ronda began visiting Gettysburg, PA. Initially she visited as a tourist, but Ronda began to find herself drawn back to Gettysburg more frequently; eventually bringing her camera in the hopes of capturing images of what may be drawing her back. Ronda was drawn to Inspired Ghost Tracking through the article written in the Maryland Gazette and saw this group as a means to resolve many questions and hone her paranormal activity skills. 

Organizer Assistant/Treasurer/Investigator

Cheryl Lipscomb is a fifty six year young grandmother of three. One night when I was about eight I woke up and felt someone watching me. When I looked into the dark hallway, I saw a man looking at me. I flipped over and pulled the cover up over my head (because we all know if you can’t see me, I’m not there.) A few minutes later I looked again and he was still there. As I watched him, I felt a sense of peace wash over me. I was no longer afraid, but I did cover back up. I saw this man on a few different occasions. I forgot about it as I grew up. While at work Margaret and I were discussing spirits and if we believed. It brought it all back. When Margaret told me she wanted to start a group to learn more and investigate the areas around us, I was in since there were things happening at work that I needed to find out about. I’m learning as I go and enjoying the path. Come join us! 

Lead Investigator:  Amy York


 My name is Amy and I have been interested in the paranormal for a few years now.  Living in a house with a lot of activity is what made me interested in doing ghost investigations. Once I started to do investigations I have been hooked to find out more answers. I started with IGT in 2012 and love working with the team. Looking forward to all the adventures in the future investigations with them.

Lead Investigator:  Jimmy York

 My name is Jimmy  and I have always been interested in the paranormal. I followed the shows on television and loved watching all the movies. I didn't start actively investigating until a few years ago once my mother passed away.  I wanted to reassure myself there was an afterlife and have been doing it every since.

Lead Investigator/EVP Expert:  Randy Keller

 I came to interest in the paranormal after the death of my father and the desire to communicate with him through EVP. My initial research successfully produced an abundance of EVP and I was hooked. Since then, I've written two books on the subject and currently devote myself to the study full-time. Throughout, I've also served as an investigator (first with PHPRS, and now with Inspired Ghost Tracking), and I'm grateful and blessed for the good fortune to have investigated so many locations with so many competent and committed individuals.


Lead Investigator:  Greg Ruff

 Gregory W Ruff, IGT Lead Investigator

I've been interested in the paranormal since I was a kid. As a kid, I learned that I lived in a house with a ghost, which first scared me. However, as I got older I realized the male ghost was not there to hurt me. I started getting interested in why he was there, and wanted to know what he really wanted.

When I moved away from my childhood home, I joined the Army and spent 28 years moving around the world. If anything, the military is full of the paranormal. At almost every station, I would hear "ghost" stories, and even experienced some myself, which peaked my interest even more. So, I investigated on my own, mainly doing historical research which I hoped would give me a clue as to who was doing the haunting. I also wanted to know if any of the stories I heard were true.

Back in those days, you did not really say you had a paranormal experience, or even believed such stories, for fear of being labeled crazy. But as time went on and the paranormal hit the main stream, I decided to do more of the investigations myself. Therefore, I joined Inspired Ghost Tracking in an effort to learn how to investigate places better, and learn more about the "science" of the paranormal, which included learning about equipment used in investigations. Before IGT, I was in other groups to learn more, but they wanted to do was investigate for thrills, not to understand why a haunting was happening or how to help a ghost move on. My interests have grown from the thrill of investigating, to really finding out who is doing the haunting, why, and what can I do to help anyone who is being haunted.

I am continually learning how to be a better investigator, and learn about any new equipment to help better understand the paranormal. I have learned how to do individual and house cleanses, in all the different religions. I have also learned about demonology. I have always liked that IGT uses all different types of ways and means to investigate the paranormal, from all kinds of different equipment, the use of mediums and historians to help clients who are being haunted. I have found that IGT is also a place where you can help teach others who are just starting out their own studies in the paranormal.


Lead Investigator: Diane Miron Grainger

 Hi, I'm Diane, been dealing with the paranormal since I was very little.   Have been a sensitive/empath since I can remember.   I can feel "feelings" of others whether they are alive or dead, I can feel them around me.   I pick up on negative as well as positive feelings/spirits/ghosts.  At times I can tell something is going to happen, also, have been able to see things before they happen.  I get along with pretty much everyone.  I have a lot of respect for the living and the dead.  Especially try to lift people "up" children and adults alike.  When talking to spirits/ghosts I treat them as if they are a friend or loved one.  Being a part of IGT has been an absolute joy, I feel i'm apart of a family.

Lead Investigator:  Dana Geller

 I, Dana Geller, I have always been interested in the paranormal and decided to get involved.  I love the investigations that we have gone on and being able to explore the challenging questions of if the paranormal does exist or not.  I bring to the group, dedication and understanding of what we do.

Our Mediums

Medium/Investigator:  Rob Gutro


 Rob Gutro is both a scientist and a medium. Being a scientist (meteorologist) has helped Rob understand the difference between earth-bound ghosts and spirits (who have crossed over). Rob provides some kind of scientific explanations on the how and why ghosts and spirits exist, how they energize and communicate with the living. Rob tries to help others with the messages he gets.

He developed an interest in the paranormal in 1976 at age 13 when his deceased grandfather appeared before him as a full-body apparition. As an adult, Rob's abilities were enhanced when he fell in love, and his late puppy made many appearances. The energy that is a ghost or spirit gives Rob a headache.

As of January 2015, Rob has written three books about his experiences as a medium, and provides explanations of ghosts and spirits: Pets and the Afterlife (2014); Lessons Learned from Talking to the Dead (2012); and Ghosts and Spirits (2009- retired in 2015).

There is a difference between the entities in location, abilities and energies. Rob's books explain why towns near water have more activity, personal experiences on and off ghost tours, in historic places and the experiences of some others.

Rob has been a member of  IGT for a couple of years. He contacted the group to talk about his book, and instantly wanted to be part of IGT; he viewed the  team members as professional, friendly, helpful and like one big family. Science is the foundation of knowledge, and the  IGT use scientific  equipment to provide proof of ghosts or spirits. As a scientist, Rob applauds the group's use of technology to provide proof, just as scientists need proof an experiment works.

Medium/Investigator: Troy Cline


 I wish to grow further and to share my gifts when possible.  My gift of Discernment can manifest in a variety of ways.  Most often it involves sensing changes the atmosphere of a room or space.  At other times it causes me to be drawn to specific individuals, often with information from Spirit.  In almost all cases it leads to some type of healing process for those involved.  Love that part!

Developing Medium/Investigator:  Tom Williams


Tom is an investigator on the IGT team who discovered his budding mediumship abilities while on a trip to England in 2012. While on private investigations, he take notes, observes, and debunks.
An architect by profession, Tom is invaluable in determining the sources of presumed activity other than just assuming them to be paranormal in origin.

Psychic/Grief Counselor: Nancy Turner


Nancy Turner is the Psychic and Grief Counselor for IGT.  She comes to us with over 10 years of experience.  She is also a Rieki Master.  Nancy loves helping people how ever she can and believes in the high power. 



Ghost Writer

  Every once in awhile we have a ghost writer that does some freelance writing for us.  Their name will never be given but would like them to know that we do appreciate what they do for us.  


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