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Quotes I was having issues in my house that were not normal. I had been in my home for over 24 years and things were different after my daughter went to Panama City, Panama and came back. Loud bangs, images on my glass shower and a feeling that your being watched. Even my cats were acting different, they were very skiddish alot of times and always watching something that I could not see. This had been happening over a 2 month period and I had had enough. So this is my story. I found this group called Inspired Ghost Tracking and called them. They were so gracious and came right away. Needless to say they are wonderful people, kind, thoughtful and so very helpful in me understanding what was wrong in our home. They came to my house twice without hesitation. Today I feel much more at ease in my home and feel that whatever was there has been cleared. I would recommend them to anyone who is having issues in their home that are paranormal. Quotes
Izetta Loesberg

Quotes This was written by Lynne on our facebook. just wanted to say how GREAT you and your ghost tracking team are!!! you were all so friendly as well as professional. It was a wonderful as well as spooky and enlightening experiance having you all in my home , and I must say that things are a lot quieter and calmer around here! Thank you all so much!!! Lynne Grant Quotes
Lynne Grant
My House

Quotes Inspired Ghost Tracking came into my home and did an investigation. They were very professional and when I had questions they answered them as best they could. When leaving they gave me a card and told me to call them if I needed them in anyway. When they came back for the reveal they also did a clearing of my home. I would recommend them to anyone. Quotes
Private Home

Quotes I had this group come in my home and do an investigation. They took their time trying to teach me about their equipment and what they do. They gave me their card and told me if I every have anymore problems to call them. When they came back for the reveal, they also cleared our home from what was there. I was very satisfied with them and would call them if anything came up again. Thank You Margaret and the group. Quotes