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The Old Yellow House

Posted by Inspired Ghost Tracking on August 22, 2011 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (1)

The Old Yellow House

Margaret Perry Ehrlich

The old yellow house was located in old Riverdale and built in 1920; and it’s a house that will always be remembered. I was only twelve when my family and I moved into the old house. It was two stories tall with two living rooms, a kitchen, breakfast nook, and a pantry downstairs. Located upstairs was the master bedroom on one side of the hall with four connecting bedrooms on the other.

My mother, five brothers, our friend Terry, and I lived in the house together. It didn't take us long to realize there was something or someone living with us that didn't belong. Strange things started to happen almost right away.

One evening, after everyone in the house had gone to bed, Terry came home from a late date. As she walked towards her room she noticed the attic door in the ceiling was open. No ladder or chair was visible to explain how or why. The next morning she awoke before anyone and found the attic door had been closed. Much to her (and our) surprise, no one knew how the attic door was opened or closed. This was only the beginning of the attic door opening and closing on its own. There were times when my mother would find it open and ask one of the boys to close it, only to find it open again later.

Night after night for several months I laid awake feeling as if someone was watching me. The room next door was occupied by Terry, a very healthy person who mysteriously became plagued with various illnesses. We decided to switch rooms and within a few nights Terry’s illnesses began to fade and she started to have restful nights. Upon switching rooms I, too, began sleeping full nights.

A few weeks later, feeling ill, I was unable to attend school. I was in the living room watching TV when all of a sudden the dog jumped up and started to bark at the stairs that led to the second floor. Being the only one home and scared I decided to investigate the action of my dog. Halfway up the stairs was a landing with a full length mirror on the wall. Much to my surprise, I noticed the mirror reflecting the image of a woman in an old-fashioned gown. Petrified, I took the dog and sat on the front porch until my brothers came home. Relieved to have my brothers home, I told them what happened and one of my brothers told me what he was experiencing in his room.

Being an old house with minor renovations, our ceilings were replaced with drop ceiling tiles. At night my brother would lie in bed and watch the ceiling tiles move. He told me how the tiles would rise up and slide over and minutes later would move back over and slide back in place. He would watch this until he fell asleep. The ceiling panels in my brother’s room weren't the only ones to move as this happened throughout the house.

The dining room was home to one of our eerie house guests. My family was taught to push our chairs in at the table after each meal. Several times when my mother came downstairs the chairs would be pushed away from the table as if someone had been sitting in them. We could never explain how this happened and began to get used to our new “friends”. After all, they had never done anything to harm us.

Our “friends” also inhabited one of the living rooms used for entertaining guests. No matter how hot it was in the summer there was always a chill in the air. My mother would try to light a fire in the fireplace but would fail with every attempt. To this day we have no explanation why.

One evening my mother was in her room and heard something in the hall. When she went out to investigate she saw a man and a woman all dressed up going down the stairs. Years later when we talked about this house we decided it could have been the same woman that I had seen in the mirror.

Another mysterious event that happened in the house concerns my mother’s bedroom door. Every night before turning in my mother would lock her bedroom door. Several times the door would unlock and open on its own. She tried everything she could think to keep the door locked and closed but to no avail. Another problem door located in my older brother’s room was a balcony door that would also open by itself with no explanation.

No surprise here but I feel compelled to mention that the cellar was used to store coal back in the day. Being cold, damp and dirty it was like every other creepy cellar in the world. If you own an old house you know what I mean.

These are events that took place in our home for the years that we lived there. We didn't stay long but it wasn't because of the haunting. The ghosts were friendly and they didn't mean us any harm. I think living in this house is what started my curiosity into the paranormal. Today I am the founder of

Inspired Ghost Tracking and we perform professional paranormal investigations.